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Originating in Guatemala, enjoyed throughout Japan: BOSS Coffee Rainbow Mountain Blend Comes to the U.S.

Since our founding in 1899, Suntory has grown to become a global business focused on bringing richness to people's lives by expanding our diverse portfolio of high-quality beverages. In recent years, our business began aiming for further growth worldwide. In 2019, we brought our BOSS Coffee beverages to consumers and coffee-aficionados in the United States for the first time.

This year, Suntory Beverage & Food North America is sharing a new flavor of BOSS Coffee to deliver more variety for on-the-go coffee lovers looking for more ready-to-drink options. In January 2021, the BOSS Coffee Rainbow Mountain Blend will be available to consumers across the U.S. online, joining the current selection of flavors available including Black, Café au Lait and Café Vanilla.

The Rainbow Mountain Blend has become a cultural icon across Japan, known for its smooth flavor and unique, colorful packaging - a testament to the quality and craftmanship behind Suntory's beverages. By introducing the Rainbow Mountain Blend in the US, American consumers can now experience more of the unique flavor, culture, and authentic taste behind Japanese canned coffee.

While we are bringing this special BOSS Coffee flavor from Japan to the US, this coffee blend actually originates in Guatemala. The coffee beans used in Rainbow Mountain Blend are sourced from seven different regions in Guatemala, where they are grown in different climates to produce diverse flavor profiles. Once harvested, these beans are blended by our coffee experts in Japan, and then roasted and brewed using our signature flash-brew method. This method extracts maximum flavor from the beans by brewing them with hot water and then rapidly cooling it to preserve the strong flavors. Mixing traditional brewing methods with modern tools, BOSS Coffee has perfected its method of creating the most flavorful and well-balanced cold coffees on the market today.

Rainbow Mountain Blend is also certified by the Guatemalan National Coffee Association (Anacafé), a non-profit organization that is responsible for ensuring effective services for coffee farmers to promote a sustainable and competitive coffee industry. In fact, Rainbow Mountain Blend coffee beans are the only coffee beans named and certified by the Guatemalan National Coffee Association. As a tribute to this partnership, the Rainbow Mountain Blend coffee cans are rainbow-colored to represent the seven different regions in Guatemala.

Our business and the craftmanship behind each of our products is guided by Suntory's corporate value of "Yatte Minahare" - the spirit of bold ambition. We're excited to further our ambition of bringing richness to people's lives by sharing BOSS Coffee Rainbow Mountain Blend with coffee drinkers in the US and around the world.

BOSS Coffee Rainbow Mountain Blend is available online.