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Introducing Suntory All-FREE: Japan's Alcohol-Free Sparkling Malt & Hops Beverage Comes to the U.S.

Suntory ALL-FREE, our specialty beer-like beverage with zero calories and 0.00% alcohol, is now available in the United States - for beer lovers looking for healthy drink options, or for those who choose not to drink but want to enjoy the refreshing taste of beer, for any occasion. As many in the United States continue to adjust to changes in how we live and work during present circumstances, ALL-FREE is easily accessible to consumers through home delivery across the country and can be purchased online and through select retailers. Whether staying indoors, enjoying the warm summer months with family and friends, or joining colleagues for a virtual happy hour, ALL-FREE can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere as an alcohol-free option for a wide range of occasions.

Through Suntory's Yatte Minahare spirit, the spirit of bold ambition, we look forward to sharing ALL-FREE with this new market as we continue to enrich people's lives by providing the highest quality products around the world.

As a result of Suntory's commitment to expert craftsmanship, ALL-FREE yields a satisfying beer-inspired taste, aroma, texture, aftertaste. For more than 50 years, Suntory has been brewing authentic beer at the world-class Tokyo-Musashino brewery, the heart of Suntory's brewing legacy operations since its opening in 1963. At Suntory, we pride ourselves on innovation. More than 400 formulas were explored before finding the perfect recipe for ALL-FREE. By combining modern technology with decades of brewing distilling experience, the brand has created a crisp, light, and refreshing beverage for anyone looking to enjoy a drink without having to be cautious of calories.

Just like traditional full-alcohol beer, Suntory uses only the two-row barley malt which contributes to the rich flavor of ALL-FREE, while the aroma hops give it its bitterness and signature sophisticated bouquet. ALL-FREE is also made with 100% Tennensui water - water blessed from the Japanese forests - bringing to life ALL-FREE's unparalleled flavor. Using select ingredients, natural flavors, and zero artificial flavors or sweeteners, this exceptional, guilt-free beverage delivers on taste without any shortcomings.

Suntory ALL-FREE is available online and through select retailers nationwide, including Total Wine & More.

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