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Helping Americans Start Their Day like a BOSS: BOSS Coffee Now Available in the United States

BOSS Coffee, Japan's third largest beverage brand, is now available to consumers across the United States. Suntory Beverage & Food North America is excited to bring our ready-to-drink coffee beverage to a new market--expanding our portfolio with BOSS Coffee as our first Suntory brand soft drink available nationwide in the U.S.

While you may know Suntory for our high-end Japanese whiskies, or recognize our popular American brands like Jim Beam and Maker's Mark, you may be surprised to hear that Suntory has a long-standing history brewing coffee too. For over 25 years, our BOSS Coffee drink has been a staple in Japan, known for its delicious and rich coffee flavor and easy portability. We've spent decades refining BOSS Coffee, and now, we're excited to bring this new style of coffee to the U.S.

Our BOSS Coffee is brewed differently, using our signature flash-brew method. While flash-brew may sound like a new style to coffee-aficionados in the U.S., it's a concept that has deep roots in Japan, where the Japanese community has grown to love the method for producing coffee with a distinct flavor and silky feel. Flash brewing involves brewing coffee hot to maximize extraction of flavor from the beans, then cooling it rapidly to preserve these unique flavor notes. This differs from cold brewing, where coffee grounds are steeped in unheated water. Why flash-brew over cold brew? In 2018, a study published in Nature found that hot-brewed coffee contains some acid compounds not found in cold brew and a higher concentrations of antioxidants - two things that are important in raising the flavor profile of our BOSS Coffee.

BOSS Coffee is currently available nationwide in two flavors: black and café au lait. These flavors were developed using our coffee expertise and artisanship perfected in Japan, but designed to suit the American palate. BOSS's black coffee is bold, rich, and unsweetened, while the café au lait is creamy and lightly sweetened. The product is available for purchase on Amazon and several selected supermarkets, with plans for retail expansion later this year.

With the expansion of BOSS Coffee into a new market, we're looking forward to giving more consumers the chance to start their day off like a BOSS!