What We Make

The Premium Malt's Beer

It took our brew masters nearly a decade to perfect a unique beer with a delicate floral aroma and rich taste, crafted with precision techniques. The result is Suntory's award-winning The Premium Malt's beer.

Suntory's brewmaster, Ryuzo Yamamoto, imbued with the spirt of Yatte Minahare to think big and bold, sought to produce one of the world's best beers. Inspired by the famous pilsners of the Czech Republic and Germany, he spent nearly a decade perfecting a beer with a distinct floral aroma of hops and rich taste. That's how our award-winning The Premium Malt's were born.

As part of today's process, Suntory's brewers visit the individual farms that prune the hops, undertaking sensory evaluations and selecting only the cones most suited to The Premium Malt's. The carefully selected ingredients are then boiled twice: this is the double decoction method, an aroma-rich hopping method that brings out the rich malt flavor while balancing the delicate aroma of the hops. And with water accounting for nearly 90 percent of beer, only high-quality water is used to craft The Premium Malt's beer.

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