What We Make

Iyemon Tokucha

Knowing that tea is widely regarded for its health benefits, Suntory dared to explore just how healthy -- and tasty -- tea can be. The result is Iyemon Tokucha, which targets mechanisms that assist in the breakdown of body fat, while maintaining the pure taste of tea.

In response to the growing consumer demand for healthy food and drink products, Suntory developed a brewed tea called Iyemon Tokucha that contains quercetin glucoside, a type of polyphenol commonly found in vegetable and fruits that helps to break down body fat. In Japan, products like these are referred to as FOSHU -- Food for Specified Health Uses.

Hugely popular in our home country, Iyemon Tokucha uses Japanese tea leaves that are carefully selected by a master tea blender -- called a "chasho" -- from the esteemed tea company Fukujuen in Kyoto. The result is a green tea that not only has great health benefits but can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to food or as a daily beverage.

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