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April 19, 2018

Yogurina & Suntory Tennensui: The Quality is Clear

A transparent water with the rich taste of yogurt. That's Yogurina & Suntory Tennensui!

Suntory Tennensui is our line of best-selling water beverages. Made with water from renowned water resources in Japan, including the Minami-Alps, all Tennensui products are clear in color and beloved for their refreshing, delicious taste.

At Suntory, we are committed to developing bold and innovative products to delight our customers. Our Tennensui line, with its variety of non-sweetened and flavored water options, is no exception.

We introduced Yogurina & Suntory Tennensui as part of the Tennensui product lineup in 2015. Yogurina & Suntory Tennensui delivers a blend of yogurt cultures from Hokkaido with water sourced from some of the most pristine water resources in Japan. The result is a clear water with the rich flavor of yogurt!

Okudaisen Blueberry Yogurina & Suntory Tennensui, the newest member of the Yogurina brand, features the unique flavor of blueberries from designated growers in the Okudaisen area. Though Yogurina & Suntory Tennensui may be clear, all it takes is one taste to "see" the multiple layers of flavor.

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