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July 21, 2017

"The Heart of Harmony": The Vienna Philharmonic & Suntory Music Aid Fund

Since 2011, Suntory has been conducting relief efforts to rebuild and rejuvenate the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. As part of the project, Suntory established "The Vienna Philharmonic & Suntory Music Aid Fund" in 2012, which uses the power of music to support recovery efforts following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In addition to the creation of a grant awarded to select professionals in the field of classical music, the Fund provides children and families from the areas affected by the earthquake with opportunities to experience concerts held by esteemed members of The Vienna Philharmonic. As part of the Fund, The Vienna Philharmonic members also donate their time to fostering the musical development of the future generations of musicians through special education programs.

Last October, in recognition of the 5th year anniversary of the Fund, members of The Vienna Philharmonic performed a special "Concert for Children" at our world-renowned Suntory Hall in Tokyo. As part of the program, students from the affected areas also had the opportunity to learn from and perform with The Vienna Philharmonic's musicians.

We are moved by the spirit of the children and families who are still recovering from the earthquake and are delighted to share the video below that celebrates the stories of several students who performed at the "Concert for Children." We hope you will take a moment to watch and be inspired by these talented performers.

We'll be sharing more videos from the concert in the coming months, so be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for additional updates.