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November 1, 2018

Suntory Tops the Nikkei BP "Eco-Brand Survey" For the Seventh Time

Suntory strives to be Earth-friendly, from water conservation to minimizing waste, as evidenced by our company mission: "To create harmony with people and nature." In July, our company was recognized for these efforts by Nikkei Business Publications, as part of its annual Eco-Brand Survey 2018*1, a survey that measures how the environmental efforts of companies are perceived by consumers. For the seventh time, Suntory was honored as the top-ranking leader of the Eco-Brand Index.

Consumers participating in the survey recognized Suntory as the top leader in the areas of "environmental image" and "environmental evaluation"; in the "environmental image" category, Suntory scored high in several categories, including, "making efforts to reduce usage of resources" and "making efforts to collaborate with customers, local residents and NGOs."

Under our company promise of "Mizu To Ikiru," which translates literally as "living with water," we've established a series of environmental initiatives that preserve and protect the natural environment. From Natural Water Sanctuaries, to a water and sustainability education program for children, to bird conservation practices, Suntory is striving to reduce environmental impact and ensure a more sustainable future for generations to come.

As an example, our water cascade system used in our production facilities allows us to significantly decrease the amount of water we use per production cycle. To do this, we categorize the water used in our production facilities into several grades based on quality. Starting with the processes that require the highest quality water, we grade the water from one to five - where grade one water is ready for consumption in Suntory's products and grade five water is used in plant processes. Used water is then recycled and reused throughout consequent stages in the process that require lesser grades of water.

As part of our mission to coexist with the environment, we've also established our Sustainable Water Philosophy to address relevant water issues in each of our regions of operation. Through the Sustainable Water Philosophy, we plan to improve the water-use efficiency in all our plants worldwide by 15%*2 by 2030.

We look forward to continuing to protect our environment to help make a better, brighter future for our world.

*1 Held by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Internet-based questionnaire has been conducted through March 14‐April 22, 2018
No. of Valid Responses: 21,000
No. of Companies Targeted: 500
The Eco-Brand Index is derived from the total of four indexes which impact the brand building: contact to environmental information, environmental communication, environmental image, and environmental evaluation.

*2 Compared to 2015 levels.