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September 1, 2016

Our Brewers

brewers.jpgOur beer is as bold as the daring of our brewers. In pursuit of the world's best beer, brew master Ryuzo Yamamoto and team spent nearly ten years developing The Premium Malt's beer, a perfect balance of delicate aromas with a rich taste.

Yamamoto built a microbrewery just for this purpose and took inspiration from the famous pilsners of the Czech Republic and Germany. Our brewers then dedicated years to find just the right balance of malt, infused at the perfect temperature. That's how The Premium Malt's, Japan's leading premium beer brand, was born.

The finest ingredients and right manufacturing method is critical to crafting ideal beer. Carefully selected hops and malts are processed using a method that Yamamoto and his team devised: 'double decoction.' Typically, hops are boiled just once, but to ensure the rich malt flavor and aroma of the hops are extracted and infused into our brews, Suntory heats the mash twice. The right amount of malt to use, the precise timing and volume at which they go through this process are a closely guarded secret, but we call this technique 'aroma rich hopping.'

Suntory's brewers don't leave this process to chance. They visit the individual farms that prune the hops, undertaking sensory evaluations and selecting only the cones most suited to The Premium Malt's. And with water accounting for 90 percent of beer, The Premium Malt's uses high-quality water to craft the perfect brew.

Behind every satisfying sip of our beers is the perseverance, ingenuity and thoughtfulness of a Suntory brewer.

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