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January 10, 2018

One Billion Steps: Suntory Walks Toward Healthier Lives and Ecosystems

30+ countries.
7,000+ Suntory employees.
1.2 billion steps.
$200,000 raised.
3 charities.

At Suntory, we are known for our commitment to cultivating healthy ecosystems that protect natural water resources. And we are equally committed to cultivating healthy workplaces through various programs that motivate and encourage our employees to meet their fitness goals.

This past October, as part of our workplace wellness program, we invited all Suntory employees around the world to participate in our inaugural One Suntory Walk. This friendly competition was designed to encourage physical activity while raising funds to help support three charities that are engaged in environmental activities related to water and nature conservation.

As part of our commitment to protecting natural water resources and coexisting with nature, we selected three non-profit conservation groups: Charity: Water, a non-profit dedicated to "bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries"; The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit dedicated to "protecting nature for people today and for future generations"; and National Parks in Japan, an organization that is committed to "conserving the unique ecosystem and natural environment in Japan for future generations."

Each participant chose one charitable organization to support with their steps and Suntory donated funds to each organization based on the total number of steps walked by all employees.

It was wonderful to see our employees get active with this win-win initiative - our 7,500 employee participants walked 1.2 billion steps, enough to circle the earth 22 times!

In our final count, National Parks in Japan took first place and $80,000, with the most steps pledged in its name, followed by The Nature Conservancy in second place with $70,000, and Charity: Water earning $50,000 in third place.

Congratulations to all of our employees for the impressive number of steps recorded!

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