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March 23, 2018

Naturally Filtered - Maker's Mark Natural Water Sanctuary

Water. It is one of nature's greatest blessings and empowers us to be the company that we are. Without it, our business would not be possible. Because of this, we strive to protect water sources wherever we operate, focusing on nurturing healthy forest ecosystems in the forests that promote higher quality groundwater.

As part of our commitment to coexistence, we have established 20 Natural Water Sanctuaries throughout Japan.* These 20,000+ acres of protected forest cultivate the water we need to not only to supply our facilities, but to nurture our surrounding communities for generations to come.

In Japan, by 2020, we aim to generate double the amount of water necessary for our plants through the continued expansion of our Natural Water Sanctuaries.

We are also actively exploring ways to establish Natural Water Sanctuaries to other regions where we operate.

We are excited to announce that Maker's Mark has established its own 33-acre Natural Water Sanctuary on its distillery grounds in 2016 - our very first Natural Water Sanctuary outside of Japan!

The Maker's Mark Natural Water Sanctuary in Kentucky not only helps to preserve and protect our water supply, but also supports a stronger, healthier forest and diverse wildlife habitats. Partnering with the University of Kentucky and the Suntory Institute for Water Science, we are also working to develop watershed balance across our distilleries, as well as ongoing monitoring of preservation activities.

Check out the short video clip below for a sneak peek at the Maker's Mark Natural Water Sanctuary!

* As of March 2018.

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