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August 1, 2016

Making the Impossible Possible

bluerose.jpgIn 2004, Suntory created something that had never existed before -- a blue rose. Roses don't have the pigment that produces the color blue, as other flowers do. But that didn't stop us. For Suntory, the impossible isn't an obstacle. We think of it as a challenge.

For centuries, flower growers around the world had tried to produce the elusive blue rose. It took a team of dedicated scientists at Suntory to finally crack the code. In the 1990s, the blue rose project team identified pigments from other flowers, isolating genes that would give a blue hue. After much trial and error -- and new kinds of blue and purple flowers produced along the way -- the team produced the world's first blue rose in 2004.

Pursuits like the blue rose project is at the heart of what makes Suntory a leader in innovation. It demonstrates that not only do we have the skilled scientists and access to the latest technologies that let us dream great things, we also have the bold spirit of Yatte Minahare that drives us to make those dreams realities.

We continue to invest in research, discovery and development that enhances how people eat, drink and live. It drives our continued growth, sustains and motivates our employees, and promises many more future delights for our customers.

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