News Studio

August 28, 2019

Looking Ahead to 2020 and Beyond: Our Natural Water Sanctuaries Project


At Suntory, we strive to coexist in harmony with our surrounding ecosystems, which provide us with the necessary resources to craft the finest products. That's why protecting nature's greatest blessing, water, has always been a priority for us.

In 2003, we launched the Natural Water Sanctuary Project, an initiative aimed at maintaining the sustainability of groundwater by nurturing and protecting the forests that supply our most precious resource. Our Natural Water Sanctuaries vary in location, terrain, size, and need, so we conduct rigorous scientific investigation to discover recovery and sustainability plans for each site. These plans allow us to preserve pristine groundwater, not only benefiting the sustainability of our business, but also the sustainability of our society.

We set a goal of "cultivating water more than double the amount of groundwater pumped up in the Suntory Group's plants in Japan" by 2020. As of June 2019, we have surpassed our goal! We are now protecting 21 Natural Water Sanctuaries, covering about 12,000ha of nature.

To ensure the growth of our impact on the health of our natural environment, we have partnered with Yamanashi Prefecture to expand the area of Natural Water Sanctuary Minami-Alps. Prior research done in this area will be expanded and deepened as we begin conducting joint research with Yamanashi Prefecture to formulate effective measures to deal with the deer damage specific to that forest.

Creating forests brimming with diversity is essential to cultivating rich groundwater, and we will continue to strengthen our Natural Water Sanctuary Project to preserve water resources for generations to come.