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November 22, 2017

Live Japan: "Japan's Unique Canned Coffee - International Testers Choose Suntory's Finest"

Canned coffee is a big deal in Japan. Served cold in the warm months and heated in the fall and winter, it is hard to walk anywhere in Japan without encountering a vending machine full of these irresistible beverages with a can-do attitude!

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, BOSS coffee has long been dedicated to providing rich and flavorful options as the "coffee of the working people." A go-to product for many, BOSS coffee is known as the worker's "AIBO," a reliable partner with many years of trusted experience.

Ready to drink and available in a multitude of varieties, Suntory's BOSS canned coffee products have something to offer every coffee connoisseur - whether it's simply black, low sugar, or au lait. With detailed processes in place to expertly roast, extract, and blend our coffees, we are honored to provide the perfect "can of joe" to help BOSS consumers tackle whatever comes their way.

Learn more about BOSS coffee and how a group of coffee lovers from around the world found their favorite BOSS flavors in this Live Japan article: "Japan's Unique Canned Coffee - International Testers Choose Suntory's Finest."