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October 9, 2019

Investing in the Future: Our New "Sustainability Vision"


Rooted in our enduring mission "To create harmony with people and nature," on July 31, 2019, we announced a newly formulated "Sustainability Vision" to further our commitment to global sustainability and reinvigorate our efforts to foster a sustainable society through environmentally and socially conscious business activities.

In 2015, the United Nations adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that favor collective action by all countries to address environmental and social issues on a global scale by 2030. We have identified seven sustainability themes in our "Sustainability Vision" that are in line with the SDG goals that intersect with every facet of our business:

  • Water: Based on Suntory's "Sustainable Water Philosophy," we as a group promote activities to preserve water including understanding of the water cycle, reduction, recycling and wastewater management, watershed conservation, and work with external stakeholders to achieve water sustainability.

  • Carbon: In order to promote a decarbonized society and to address climate change, we reduce carbon emissions through the introduction of the latest energy-saving technologies and the use of renewable energy at our facilities as well as in our operations throughout the value chain.

  • Raw ingredients: With regard to agricultural products and other raw ingredients that are essential to our products, we cooperate with business partners across the supply chain, identify social and environmental issues, and promote sustainability initiatives that enable us to grow together, thereby enriching our communities.

  • Containers and packaging: We consider the environment throughout the product life cycle - from product design, packaging materials, and containers, to transportation and recycling after consumption--and work to achieve a circular economy.

  • Health: To enrich society, the Suntory Group promotes activities under the following three themes:

- Alcohol products
We contribute to a richer society through beer, wine and spirits, and other alcohol products that bring enjoyment to people, inspire human connections, and play a role in the celebrations and events that mark the milestones of their lives. We are committed to promoting the moderate consumption of our products and encouraging responsible choices about alcohol. We are a leader in working individually and in partnership with industry peers and other partners to reduce harmful consumption of alcohol, including overconsumption, drunk driving, underage drinking, and drinking during and after pregnancy, based on our Drink Smart alcohol responsibility program. We also offer non-alcoholic and low-alcohol products to meet consumer preferences.

- Soft drinks
In addition to leveraging "natural and healthy" beverage development technologies cultivated in Japan, we address health and wellness concerns through our beverages and make our consumers' lives more natural, healthy, convenient, and rich.

- Health foods
In order to contribute to a longer active life, we research the relationship between "the power of nature" and health to support people's health, beauty, and wellness through daily dietary habits.

  • Human rights:

- Group Employees
In addition to promoting a safe work environment, we promote health management and provide growth opportunities with a long-term perspective. In addition to respect for people and prevention of harassment and other related issues, we promote diversity (including of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, language, and disability) and inclusion (accepting and valuing the differences between each individual as an important part of who they are). We also ensure labor safety to promote an environment that is easy to work in and full of the "Yatte Minahare" spirit.

- Value chain
In order to contribute to the well-being of all people involved in the value chain, we carefully review and understand our impact on human rights, and cooperate with external stakeholders including suppliers to conduct activities for the protection of human rights.

  • Enriching life: We provide products and services that enrich peoples' minds and bodies, promote innovation and create new value, and contribute to the creation of a more "human" society. Based on our founding spirit "Giving Back to Society," we address social issues and contribute to enhancing social welfare, including the arts, culture, science, sports, and next generation education. In the regions where we do business, we value dialogue with the local community, and strive to help address local issues to enrich peoples' lives.