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July 17, 2018

From Our Vineyard to Your Glass: The Award-Winning Taste of Japanese Wine

Suntory's business started with wine. Our founder, Shinjiro Torii, sold the first Akadama Port Wine (now Akadama Sweet Wine) in 1907, laying one of the foundations for the Suntory of today. Over the past century, our wine business has grown to include vineyards in Japan, as well as in Bordeaux, France, and Rheingau, Germany, allowing us to bring the joy of fine wine to consumers throughout the world.

From the first bottle sold to the wine we distribute today, we've always prioritized making wine in harmony with the nature of the vineyard. We are intimately involved in all aspects of wine-making - from soil preparation in the field to viticulture, vinification, and aging - and take great care in ensuring that each one of the multiple varieties of grapes grown at our vineyards is planted in soil optimized for the plant. By considering the soil, climate, and natural environment of each winery, we cultivate our grapes with great care, from seedling to harvest.

At the Tomi no Oka winery, Suntory's flagship vineyard located in Japan's Yamanashi Prefecture, viniculture masters work closely with the land to highlight the characteristics of the 11 varieties of grapes, ensuring they are carefully grown, individually inspected, and harvested so that the wine produced expresses the taste of the region. The viniculture masters bring decades of experience and tradition to the wine-making practice, allowing them to create wines characterized by a soft, gentle, and elegant character, exemplary of the Japanese culture.

In 2018, our efforts to create a distinctly Japanese wine at the Tomi no Oka vineyard were rewarded at the International Wine Challenge (IWC). "Tomi Red 2013," Suntory's flagship wine made completely from grapes grown in Japan, won the Gold medal in the category of Japanese red wine and the highest award in its division, the Trophy, a historic first for Japanese wine. Since 1984, the IWC has been the world's largest wine competition, drawing attention from oenophiles around the world and elevating the profile of each wine presented.

The appreciation for "Tomi Red 2013"* is a meaningful step toward an even broader global recognition of Japanese wine, and we are proud to continue our commitment to sharing the beauty of Japanese viniculture and improving the quality and craftsmanship of our own product. In this way, we will continue sharing a unique taste of Japan in every sip.

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* The Tomi Red 2013 has sold out.