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May 23, 2017

Follow Your Nature: Spotlight on Yasuhiro, Jim & Ken

Adventurous. Positive. Talkative. Embracing the diverse characteristics that help shape our employees' personalities and perspectives is essential to a happy workforce and a thriving business. At Suntory, we believe our employees are best-suited to take on new challenges and achieve new goals simply by staying true to themselves and their strengths.

This month's iteration of our ongoing video series highlighting how our team members live out our global tagline, "Follow Your Nature," shows how our employees use their natural strengths at work every day.

Watch the videos below to meet and hear from:

  • Yasuhiro, Suntory Tokyo-Mushashino Brewery, Beer Production Department, Suntory Beer Ltd., on how positivity and perseverance help him solve difficult challenges at work;
  • Jim, Bottling Inventory Analyst, Jim Beam Distillery, on how his talkative nature helps him be an effective liaison between various departments;
  • Ken, Deputy General Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Strategy Department, Suntory Holdings, on how his sense of adventure matches perfectly with his role in environmental conservation.

Stay tuned for the last installment of our Follow Your Nature series, to be posted next month, and remember to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more updates!