News Studio

June 23, 2017

Follow Your Nature: Spotlight on Naoko, Fred, Tomomi

In this next set of videos in our ongoing series around Suntory's "Follow Your Nature" corporate tagline, we continue to see how this philosophy comes to life across our company's cultures, tenures, and disciplines!

Check out the videos below to meet:

  • Naoko, Research Institute, Suntory Global Innovation Center Ltd., on how her one-track mind helps her focus on developing a bluer blue rose;
  • Fred, 7th Generation Jim Beam Master Distiller, on his father's influence on his approach to co-workers and consumers;
  • Tomomi, Executive Officer, Division COO, Corporate Communication Division, Suntory Holdings Ltd., on how her leadership style aims to bring out the Yatte Minahare! spirit on her teams.

Next month, we're excited to share some new videos that spotlight The Vienna Philharmonic & Suntory Music Aid Fund. Be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more updates in the meantime!