News Studio

February 21, 2017

Follow Your Nature

A year ago, we launched our new global tagline - "Follow Your Nature" - as the manifestation of our belief that when we each follow our nature and pursue our individual passions, we are inspired to forge our own path and live a fulfilled life.

In the year since, a small team of Suntory employees undertook on a journey through Kentucky and Japan to explore what "Follow Your Nature" means to their peers and colleagues, and how they each follow their nature - at work and beyond.

Here's a snapshot of we heard and learned along the way:

  • Routine is so important to the process of whisky-tasting that Chief Blender Emeritus Seiichi Koshimizu has eaten the same breakfast and lunch every day for twenty years to ensure his senses would be in tip-top shape for daily tastings. He told us that he's always been a bit obsessive - the type to stick with one thing and stick to it - so he's been able to follow his nature at the Yamazaki Distillery for all these years.
  • We also discovered that one of our dedicated researchers at Suntory's Global Innovation Center is also a talented street performer! Turns out perseverance in research also lends itself nicely to the pursuit of tricky hobbies - like juggling.
  • There are 23 different species of native grasses and flowers planted on the property surrounding the Maker's Mark Distillery, contributing to a more diverse wildlife, less flooding, and a more sustainable environment overall - truly an example of coexistence at its best.

Watch the anthem video that introduces how Suntory employees follow their nature at work and in their personal life. Be on the lookout for more videos with individual stories in the coming weeks - and in the meantime, you can read more about why "Follow Your Nature" is so important to us here.