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August 25, 2017

Bloomberg: "Why a Highball Cocktail Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts"

Chilled. Carbonated. Refreshing. A great companion of food. At Suntory, this is how we think of the highball.

Almost 100 years ago, our founder Shinjiro Torii opened his first whisky distillery, and more than two decades after that, opened bars throughout the country - Tory's Bars and Suntory Bars. It was here in these bars that the whisky highball grew in popularity across Japan in the 1950s.

Recently, the whisky highball has experienced a resurgence, sweeping through Japan with dedicated highball bars, on tap through dedicated highball dispensers, and even ready-to-drink canned highballs.

The renewed interest in highballs is spreading globally, with bartenders around the world delivering crisp and sparkling refreshment. We are proud to have played an integral role in the birth and revival of the iconic whisky highball in Japan as we continue to see it grow in popularity with a new generation of whisky drinkers throughout these hot summer months!

Read more about Shinjiro Torii and Suntory's role in the history of the highball in Bloomberg article: "Why a Highball Cocktail Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts."

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