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September 1, 2016

Natural Water Sanctuaries

Taking care of nature is intrinsic to all we do. Without an ecosystem of healthy forests and abundant water, we would not be able to create the products we do today. Through conservation efforts, we're working to keep water in its purest and most abundant form for future generations.

True to our commitment to protecting precious resources, Suntory has pledged to preserve and nurture the forests that create the quality groundwater used in our products. The sum of our efforts -- spanning nearly 20,000 acres in Japan -- is sufficient to cultivate the water necessary not only to supply our plants, but also nurture their surrounding communities for years to come. By 2020, we aim to generate double the amount of water necessary for our plants through the continued expansion of our natural water sanctuaries.

Furthermore, in Japan, our Mizuiku-Education Program for Nature and Water is designed to instill in younger generations an understanding of the importance of water and forests. This program utilizes a hands-on education format that's focused on conserving the natural environment. We have recently expanded this program in Vietnam.

In the United States, we've partnered with The Nature Conservancy to support water education programs that help raise awareness and appreciation for this natural resource, while emphasizing the importance of protecting our natural water sources. Learn more about our partnership here.

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