We are Suntory

We have a long legacy of doing, creating and sharing what is good. You might say it is our nature. So is our dedication to elevating and enriching the everyday through a perfect balance of artistry and precision. It's what makes us stand out and stand apart.

Suntory Today: A Global Leader

Suntory Group is one of the world's leading consumer products companies, with annual sales of $22.3 billion. Named the fifth most-admired beverage company in the world by...

History: An Unparalleled Legacy

From a family-owned store in Osaka to an unrivaled beverage portfolio enjoyed around the world, Suntory has brought the unexpected to new markets for more than 100 years...

Centered in
the Yatte minahare spirit

At Suntory, we dare, boldly. We dare to imagine, dare to question, dare to take risks to create new things from the unknown. Yatte Minahare is about dreaming big, never giving up and always moving forward. In the spirit of our founder, we're upholding a culture that celebrates this fearless pursuit of the unexpected and extraordinary.

Pioneering the Whisky Business

Suntory carves new paths. It's what we do. It took a lot of daring to bring a foreign beverage to a market that didn't have the taste for it. The result is the exquisite Japanese...

Making the Impossible Possible

In 2004, Suntory created something that had never existed before -- a blue rose. Roses don't have the pigment that produces the color blue, as other flowers do. But that didn't stop us...

Dedicated to
quality and

Quality, craftsmanship with purpose, and delighting those we touch are at the core of who we are and how we create. We relentlessly pursue perfection throughout the creative process because we believe excellence is not just an end product; it is a process that is both deliberate and inspired.

Our Brewers

Our beer is as bold as the daring of our brewers. In pursuit of the world's best beer, brew master Ryuzo Yamamoto and team spent nearly ten years developing The Premium Malt's...

Our Blenders

Tasting up to 400 component whiskies each day, Suntory's team of blenders create the harmonious flavors that make our Japanese whiskies among the most sought-after in the world...

In Harmony With People and Nature

We exist in rhythm with nature. Always have, always will. We never take too much because we believe abundance is rooted in balance, not excess. Nature is our ultimate inspiration, guiding us to do right by our communities and the ecosystem in which we all live. For Suntory, elevating the everyday doesn’t stop at making good products: our job isn’t done until we’ve inspired and delighted the lives we touch, nourishing humanity through physical well-being and the arts. To live in harmony with people and nature is our corporate philosophy.

Natural Water Sanctuaries

Taking care of nature is intrinsic to all we do. Without an ecosystem of healthy forests and abundant water, we would not be able to create the products we do today. Through...

Enriching Lives

At Suntory, we believe in doing more than simply creating good products: we strive to inspire and improve the lives we touch through culture and humanities. For more than 100 years...

Suntory Invites you to
Follow Your Nature

Nature has always carved its own unique path, sculpting the world’s rivers and mountains. Nature also exists in all of us. When we each follow our nature and pursue our individual passions, we forge our own path and live a life fulfilled.

At Suntory, we believe that when you Follow Your Nature, you are inspired to do what is best for our environment, our communities, and our personal pursuits.

True to our founder Shinjiro Torii’s favorite expression, “Yatte Minahare,” Follow Your Nature is also about moving forward without fear and accepting new challenges.

We invite you to join us and Follow Your Nature – be true to yourself, embrace the unknown, give back more than you take. By doing so, we believe you’ll find a life in harmony with people, nature and yourself.